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FIC: Rolling In the Deep (4/?) [Chronicles of Riddick/Pacific Rim]

Title: Rolling In the Deep
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick/Pacific Rim
Summary: The Basilica crash lands.

Grief was a strange thing, strong enough to work delicate tendrils of emotion through Vaako's mind. Dulled by Purification, the grief was still there, twined through his chest until his breath caught in a hitching gasp.

His dame had been a contentious bitch and that's what he'd respected most about her. So for her to have died in her sleep... It was an ignoble death and it bothered him. She'd deserved something better, grander.

He focused his mind on the task at hand. They were to get ship's systems back online, which meant a trip to the auxiliary bridge, as the main bridge was currently flooded with seawater.

If they were lucky, the capsule of the auxiliary bridge would still be intact. Otherwise they'd have to activate the vacuum pumps, which were a bitch to get started.

Just like you, my love, he thought in fondness. Hard to get started, quick to cool, and so full of schemes and secrets that it was hard to breathe around her. His beautiful, deadly wife.

Vaako grit his teeth and led his squad in through the bowels of the ship. It was safer than using the main passages and coming across flooded compartments they would have to work around. The system of tubes was a tight fit, but they'd all trained in crawling and keeping their heads down. The feeling of oxygen deprivation was all psychological, and they were outfitted with rebreathers if it got to be too much.

His kneecaps were grateful for the reinforced knees of his trousers as he shuffled along through the darkness.

There were panting breaths and the jingle of equipment belts from behind him. His soldiers kept the techs moving and Vaako didn't worry about anyone turning back.

They were Necromongers. Fearless and merciless.

Til Underverse Come.