FIC: Rolling In the Deep (7/?) Chronicles of Riddick/Pacific Rim

Title: Rolling In the Deep
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick/Pacific Rim
Other Places: AO3.
Summary: The Basilica crashes on a primitive world.

Leaving two soldiers to guard the hatch, they'd sealed it behind them and headed toward where the scavengers were cutting their way in from the Antechamber. Riddick could hear the furious sound of machinery working and it drew his lip back from his teeth in a snarl that Precious echoed.

He may not have celebrated his role as Lord Marshal, but that didn't mean anyone was free to take what was his. And the Basilica was his ship. His dangerous deadly toy that he didn't want to share.

"They didn't even say please."


Riddick gave the pale young soldier a flat look and liked the spark of fear in those eyes. Purification dulled emotions, but didn't quite take them all away. Necromongers still had the capacity to fear. He liked playing with that.

"Come on," he said, waving them onward. The rats were only a few compartments away. It was as good a time as any for a violent confrontation.

Soon even the Necromongers could hear the cutters working. He was amused at the way they snapped to attention.

They were all so eager to serve him, even as the lords and ladies schemed to knock him off his throne. It kept him on edge, right where he needed to be.

He could see the sparks where the cutter was grinding through the wall, creating a large archway. Big enough for all kinds of machinery to squeeze through.

Whoever the rats were, they were intent on stripping the Basilica bare. They hadn't even bothered to check for survivors.

"Lundgren," Riddick growled. The red haired man snapped to attention, his helmeted head turning toward the Lord Marshall. "You cut them down when they come through. No mercy."

"Yes, Lord Marshall. No mercy from the Necromongers," Lundgren said. He was a good soldier. Obedient.

"You, you, you, with me." Riddick jerked his thumb and they followed. "We're using the emergency service hatch. We'll surprise them on the other side.

"Yes, Lord Marshall."

He smirked. They were all good soldiers.

* * *

"This is impossible." Vaako sat back hard in his desk chair.

He didn't want to believe, but he'd had his results checked twice.

They had crossed the Threshold.

The Lord Marshall should have taken his shuttle into the abyss, but something had gone wrong. The Basilica had jerked out of parking orbit while they were still preparing for the ceremonial feast. It had been navigated straight into the wormhole.

"And the unworthy all died." He huffed a humorless laugh and dug his fingers into his leg.

He drew in a deep breath and stood. He had a job to do.

The Lord Marshall would protect the ship while he would get it running again. Vaako began issuing commands to his aides and they created the orders to be sent out.

His soldiers were counting on him. He would not fail them.

Vaako vowed to survive this Test and prove that he deserved a place with the Most Holy. Though he was unworthy of the honor, he would not turn away from this challenge. He was Faithful.

The Lord Marshall would serve as an anchor point. He would guide them through this test and carry them through to the other side. As long as they believed in him and let him lead them, they would survive.

Vaako chose to believe. He would not allow fear to have a place in his heart. He would perform his duty.