DonorsChoose.Org. Why not help a teacher out?

Sometimes I go on and I look around at all the projects and pick and choose the ones I want to share on social media or my website.

I tend toward the high poverty school districts and the teachers that are asking for the most reasonable things. The teacher from the expensive neighborhood asking for 40 iPad Airs for her fourth graders? Pshaw. I would rather give my money to the teacher desperately requesting coloring crayons for her group of first graders or the teacher that needs classroom books or new student chairs.

I gravitate toward the Project of the Day, because it tries to find the classrooms most in need. Under the search, I aim toward Highest Poverty and Closest to the Finish Line. They're usually teachers that are $50 or less to their goal, where my little bit of money does the most good, or their projects are about to expire and they need the most urgent help.

There's something great about helping children receive the things they need to learn. Especially children that aren't receiving the state funding that they so desperately need. And while some children are receiving the best the world has to offer ... there are others that need some colored paper or markers.

And that's why is my charity of choice.

They show exactly where the money is going and I can rest easy knowing that I've actually done some good for kids in need. They have a conscientious oversight committee and transparent practices (there's none of that 10% to the charity, and the rest of the money lining the pockets of greed). And Stephen Colbert and Oprah have both given it the thumbs up bump.
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