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Feygan's Drowning Pool

Where the magic happens

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Been in fandom for so long that I don't even remember when I started. More of a lurker around the edges now than an actual member, but I haven't really gone anywhere. I spend some time on AO3.

Feel free to rec me any fic. I'm a big slasher, though I love a good genhet.

If you've got a fic request, feel free to ask. Prompts are fun and I always do my best if I accept a request.

Fandoms I've currently been enjoying: Avengers. Batman. BtVS. Chronicles of Riddick. Hannibal. Harry Potter. Inception. Iron Man. Naruto. Skyfall (00Q). X-Men. X-Men: First Class. Suits. Teen Wolf. Vorkosigan Saga.

Age statement: Over 18.
alamut, angel, angel sanctuary, anime, anita blake, avengers, batgirl, batman, batman beyond, bleach, buffy the vampire slayer, chronicles of riddick, comic books, computers, continuum, coraline, crossover fanfiction, crossovers, csi: crime scene investigators, cube, dark city, david drake, david weber, dead like me, demon diaries, dollhouse, dr. horrible's sing-along-blog, dragon knights, dvds, ed/roy, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy books, fma slash, frostiron, full metal alchemist, full metal alchemist slash, graphic novel, green day, hannibal, harry potter, highlander, hound and the falcon, house, invincible, invincibles, iron man, judith tarr, kanon, kick-ass, kill bill, kingdom of heaven, lois mcmaster bujold, loveless, manga, marvel's agents of shield, mckay/sheppard, megas xlr, methos, miles vorkosigan, mm romance, movies, nightmare before christmas, numb3rs, pacific rim, pandorum, pitch black, placebo, playstation 3, powerpuff girls, powers comic, pr0n, red dwarf, resident evil, resident evil apocalypse, riddick, runaways comic, scanlations, sci-fi, science fiction, scott/logan, sg1 slash, sga slash, she's the man, slash fanfiction, sleeping, smallville slash, south park, spider-man, stargate atlantis, stargate atlantis crossover, stargate atlantis slash, stargate crossover, stargate sg-1, stargate: atlantis, stephen lynch, suits, superhero, superheroes, superheroine, superman, supervillain, supreme power, t:tscc, teen titans, teen wolf, terry pratchett, the big bang theory, the medium, tim drake, tony stark, tony stark/loki, tony stark/steve rogers, tsubasa chronicle, venture brothers, villain, villains, weiss kreuz, witch hunter robin, writing, x-box, x-men, yami no matsuei, yaoi, young justice

Social capital

  • less than 10